Video: Join a meeting using Lync 2013

Learn different ways to join a Lync Meeting. You can use Lync, call into a meeting or use WebApp.

For more details, see help article: Join a Lync Meeting.

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This video is part of a training course called Schedule, Join, and Conduct Lync Meetings. You can download the entire course or watch the videos online:

  1. Video: Schedule a meeting in Lync 2013.

You’ll set up Lync Meetings in Outlook, just like regular meetings.

  1. Video: Join a meeting in Lync 2013. (You are here!).

Learn different ways to join a Lync Meeting, no matter where you are.

  1. Video: Share desktop and programs in Lync 2013.

Show your entire desktop or a single program to your meeting participants.

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