Set up a Lync Meeting

You can set up Lync Meetings in Outlook, similar to how you schedule regular meetings. The meeting link and call-in numbers are automatically added to the meeting request.

  1. Open Outlook and go to your calendar.
  2. On the Outlook ribbon, click New Lync Meeting. Or you can open a regular meeting first, and then click Lync Meeting on the ribbon.
  3. Set up the meeting as you normally would, that is:
  • In the To box, type the email addresses of your invitees.
  • Type a Subject, and select the Start and End time.
  1. Type the agenda in the meeting area, but be careful not to change any of the Lync meeting information.
  2. (Optional) It’s also a good idea to check Scheduling Assistant to make sure you have the best time for the meeting.

You’re almost done. Just double-check the information and press Send.

 Tip    If you have both in-person and online attendees, you can run your Lync Meeting in a conference room. Click Room Finder in Outlook to find and add a conference room in the building you want. Or book the room separately, and add the room information in the Location box.

Scheduling a meeting with the default options, like we just did, is suitable for small, internal meetings, such as casual meetings with a few co-workers. If you have a meeting with people outside your company, or you’re scheduling a large event, change the meeting options before sending the invites, to better fit your meeting requirements. For more information about meeting options, see Set options for Lync Meetings.

Applies to:
Lync 2013, Lync Basic 2013, Outlook 2013