Slide Annotation Tools

You can use the annotation tools to visually highlight the contents of your slides as you present them. The tools available to you include the following:

Tool Description
Point This tool is used similarly to how you would use a laser pointer on a projector slide in a traditional meeting. Meeting participants see a red dot on the slide where you click in the slide and for as long as you hold the mouse button down.
Arrow Stamp This creates a uniform arrow stamp on a slide.
Check Stamp This allows you to stamp a check mark on a slide.
X Stamp This tool stamps an X on a slide.
Draw Freehand This tool lets you draw freehand on a slide. It can be useful if you need to annotate a slide using a mark or image that is not available as its own tool in the slide annotation tool set.
Draw Line This tool draws a straight line on a slide.
Draw Arrow This draws an arrow on a slide.
Draw Rectangle This tool draws a rectangle around a section of a slide to distinguish it from the rest of the slide.
Draw Round Rectangle This tool annotates a slide with a rectangle with rounded edges.
Draw Oval This tool draws an oval around a section of a slide.
Draw Text This tool allows you to add text comments to a slide.
Highlighter This tool is used similarly to a highlighter pen. Use it to highlight a piece of your slide with a yellow mark.
Delete This deletes marks made with annotation tools.

To use the annotation tools

  1. In the annotation toolbar, click the tool you want to use.
  2. Click in the slide where you want to use the tool.

 Note   The effect of the Point, Draw Rectangle, Draw Round Rectangle, Draw Oval, and Highlighter tools is achieved by holding and then releasing the mouse button.

Marks you make using the annotation tools are visible to everyone who views the slides.

To delete an annotation

  1. In the annotation toolbar, click Delete.
  2. In the slide, hold the mouse pointer over the annotation mark you want to delete. Then, when the mark changes color to indicate that it is selected, click to delete.