Managing Meeting Participants

In the Live Meeting client, you can manage meeting participants in the following ways:

  • View a list of participants that identifies each participant's name, mood, and whether the participant is a presenter or an attendee.
  • Arrange the list of participants in various ways.
  • Search for an individual participant.
  • Invite additional people to a meeting.
  • Remove participants from a meeting.
  • Designate an attendee as a presenter.

You perform these tasks by using the Attendees pane of the Live Meeting client.

ShowTo view the Attendees pane

  • If the Attendees pane is not visible, on the command bar, click Attendees.

ShowTo arrange the participant list

  • In the Attendees pane, in the Arrange by box, click the sort option that you want.

 Note   To view the Arrange By list, in the Attendee pane, click View.

ShowTo find a participant

  • In the Attendees pane, click Find, and then type the first few letters or the name of the participant that you want to find. As you type, the Attendees pane shows only the participants whose name contains the string of letters and other characters that you typed. The more characters of the person's name that you enter, the more precise is the match.

 Note   The string that you type can appear anywhere in the person's name, not only at the beginning of the name.

ShowTo invite additional people to your meeting

  • On the Attendees pane, click Invite, and then choose one of the following:
    • To invite someone by sending them an e-mail using Microsoft Office Outlook, click By Email.

       Note   This will open your default e-mail client.

    • To invite someone by calling them using the Live Meeting client, click Call Someone.
    • Copy and paste the meeting information in the Meeting pane and send it using an instant message.

ShowTo remove an attendee from a meeting

  1. In the Attendees pane, right-click the name of the participant that you want to remove, and then click Remove from Meeting.
  2. In the Confirm Eject message box, click Yes.

ShowTo designate an attendee as a presenter

  • In the Attendees pane, right-click the name of the participant, and then click Promote to Presenter.

 Note   You cannot change a person’s designation from presenter to attendee.

Applies to:
Live Meeting 2007