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Connect a form to a database

Excluding field from data connection

Clear the check box for fields that you do not want to work with or that use data types InfoPath doesn't support. Here, HomePage is excluded because it uses the Hyperlink data type, which isn't supported for a main data source.

InfoPath connects to every field in a table. However, you can exclude any field, either because you do not want to work with a certain field's values in your form or because it uses a data type that InfoPath cannot connect to.

(A data type is the property of a field that defines the kinds of data the field can store. Examples include Text, Rich Text, Whole Number, Decimal, and True/False.)

An example is shown in the picture. The Suppliers table contains a HomePage field, which uses a Hyperlink data type. The Hyperlink data type is a long data type, and InfoPath doesn't support long data types. Therefore, you should omit the HomePage field from your connection.

Note     InfoPath doesn't support these data types in a main data source: Text (in Access, this is Memo), Image (in Access, this is Picture), Ntext, and Hyperlink.

On the last screen of the wizard (not shown here), you get summary information for the connection you've set up. If you've included data types that InfoPath won't connect to, you'll see Submit status: Not allowed, with an explanation. You'll see an example of this, and you'll exclude an unacceptable field, in the upcoming practice session.

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