Evaluate job applicants by using InfoPath

Applies to
Microsoft Office InfoPath™ 2003 Service Pack 1 or later

Suppose you're planning to interview candidates for an important job opening on your sales team, and you've narrowed down the pool of qualified job applicants from 50 to five. As you and your co-workers start interviewing the top five choices, you'll no doubt want to assess each candidate's job qualifications, skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Using an InfoPath form for this purpose is ideal because you can collect feedback from interviewers in a consistent, organized way.

As luck would have it, InfoPath comes with a flexible Applicant Rating sample form that you can use to rate job applicants.

Stylized version of the Applicant Rating sample form

Large organizations can integrate this form — or one like it — into a company-wide hiring process. Smaller organizations can use this form in a more informal way, perhaps by having interviewers submit completed forms to a human resources representative in an e-mail message.

Once your team has finished interviewing the five applicants, you can export data from each rating form to a single Microsoft Office Excel 2003 worksheet for easy comparison. When you have all the facts about each applicant, you can make a better hiring decision.

Where can I find this form?

The Applicant Rating form is one of 25 sample forms that come with InfoPath. Use the following procedure to open this (or any other) sample form in InfoPath.

  1. In the Fill Out a Form dialog box, click Sample forms under Form categories.
  2. Double-click the Applicant Rating form.


If the Applicant Rating sample form isn't installed on your computer, you can download it from Templates on Microsoft Office Online.

What does the form contain?

The Applicant Rating sample form includes:

  • Information about the job applicant.
  • A description of the position.
  • Information about the interviewer.
  • Rating scales for different skill sets.
  • Sections for assessing applicant strengths and weaknesses.
  • A general comments section.
  • A hiring recommendation section.
  • A signature section.

This form makes use of optional sections (optional section: A control on a form that contains other controls and that usually does not appear by default. Users can insert and remove optional sections when filling out the form.), which allow interviewers to pick and choose the sections that they want to include in their version of the form. For example, in the case of a sales manager job, an interviewer might include the rating scale for managerial skills and exclude the one for clerical skills.

Optional sections in the Applicant Rating sample form

This form also includes rich text boxes. Unlike regular text boxes, which only allow you to type plain text in them, rich text boxes offer additional formatting options. In the Applicant Strengths box, for example, an interviewer might choose to emphasize a candidate's strengths by using bold formatting.


If you want to customize the Applicant Rating sample form to better fit your organization's needs, you can open it in design mode (design mode: The InfoPath design environment in which you can create or modify a form template.), make your changes, and then publish the form to a shared location so that others can use it.

Applies to:
InfoPath 2003