Demo: Convert a Word document into an InfoPath 2007 form template

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Many businesses rely on standardized forms for gathering information, and often those forms are created in Microsoft Office Word. But Word isn't really intended for creating, maintaining, and filling out forms — that's what Microsoft Office InfoPath is for! So what do you do when you're already using Word documents as forms? You probably don't want to spend time recreating them from scratch, even to gain the advantages of InfoPath.

You don't have to. You can convert a Word document into an InfoPath form template by using the Import Wizard in Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007. The wizard keeps formatting intact and converts text boxes, check boxes, and list boxes to their InfoPath counterparts, so your form retains its familiar look. Watch the demo to the see the InfoPath Import Wizard in action.

How to do it (text version):

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Applies to:
InfoPath 2007, Word 2007