Change the cell padding of table cells

By changing the cell padding of a table cell, you can adjust the space between the border and contents of that cell. When designing a form, you can change the cell padding of the cells in layout tables (layout table: A collection of cells used to arrange form content such as text or controls.) and repeating tables (repeating table: A control on a form that contains other controls in a table format and that repeats as needed. Users can insert multiple rows when filling out the form.). When filling out a form, you can change the cell padding of cells in the tables that you inserted into certain types of rich text fields (rich text field: A field that can show formatting and graphics, such as an embedded object, and not just text.).

  1. Right-click the cell that you want to change the cell padding for, and then click Table Properties on the shortcut menu.

When filling out a form, this option may be unavailable for a table, depending on the design of the form.

  1. In the Table Properties dialog box, click the Cell tab.
  2. Under Cell padding, enter the specific measurements that you want for the cell padding.
Applies to:
InfoPath 2003