About working with forms that do not have service pack features

If you have Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 Service Pack features enabled on your computer, and you open an InfoPath form that was designed without the service pack installed, service pack features are unavailable while you use that form. These features include filters (filter: A set of conditions that is applied to data in order to display a subset of the data.), rules (rule: A condition or action, or a set of conditions or actions, that automatically performs tasks based on events and values in the form.), user roles (user role: A predefined category that can be assigned to form users based on job title or some other criterion. Roles are typically used to present customized versions of a form to different types of users.), calculations that do not require script, and certain types of controls. In addition, InfoPath Help contains information that may not apply to that form. For information about features included with the service pack, see Service pack features in InfoPath 2003.

You can upgrade the form by enabling service pack features for it. To do so, open the form in design mode (design mode: The InfoPath design environment in which you can create or modify a form template.), and then click Add Service Pack Features to Form on the Tools menu. If you are not sure whether you should do so, ask the form designer or your system administrator.

 Note   If you upgrade the form, you can only remove the service pack features from it later by exporting a copy of the form. In addition, users cannot open the upgraded form if they do not have the service pack installed and enabled on their computers.

If you do not want to upgrade the form and you want to browse InfoPath Help topics that do not discuss service pack features, ask your system administrator about disabling service pack features for your InfoPath installation. For more information, see Enable or disable service pack features.

Applies to:
InfoPath 2003