Help for Macintosh users

When you download a clip from the Clip Art and Media site by using a Macintosh computer, the clip is added to the Favorites category in your Microsoft Clip Gallery program automatically. To download clips successfully:

  • You must have Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac (or 2001) installed.
  • If you upgrade or install a new browser, you must reconfigure it to recognize Clip Art and Media files.

To configure Firefox and Safari to open clips on Mac OS X

  • Tip: Start Firefox and go to Preferences > Main; select Always ask me where to save files, so you know where to find them.
  • Tip: Start Safari and go to Preferences > General; select a location under Save downloaded files to, so you know where to find them.
  1. Select the clips you want from the Clip Art and Media site on Microsoft Office Online by clicking the check box under each image.
  2. Click Download items (that's in the left navigation bar, under Selection basket).
  3. Click Download now.
  4. When given the choice to open or save, click Save to disk.
  5. Choose a folder and click Save.
  6. Double-click the clip file to open it in Clip Gallery.
  7. If it fails to open, check to see if the clip file name includes a .cil extension; if it doesn't end in .cil, rename the file to include the extension:

a. Click the file name that you want to add the extension to
b. Type a new name that ends with .cil
c. Press RETURN

About viewing sound and motion clips on a Macintosh computer

If you’re using a Macintosh computer, you won’t be able to see sound and motion clips when you start Clip Gallery from Microsoft Word for Macintosh or Microsoft Excel for Macintosh. You can only view sound and motion clips when you start Clip Gallery from Microsoft PowerPoint® for Macintosh.

You cannot preview sound clips in Windows® Internet Explorer® 5.0 Macintosh Edition. If you try to preview a sound clip, you might see a message that says that active scripting is not supported by Internet Explorer 5. You can dismiss the message to open the preview window, but the preview will not play. However, you can still search for and download sound clips.