Visit the Clip Art and Media discussion group

One of the best places to find answers to your questions, or to get tips on great new ways to use clip art in your projects, is the Clip Art and Media Newsgroup. To access the newsgroup, click the Images Newsgroup link under Community Resources at the bottom of the Images and More home page.

To read discussion topics

In this Clip Art and Media discussion group (also known as a newsgroup), you'll see a number of discussion threads or a series of related messages. Each message either responds to an earlier message or addresses the overall topic in some way.

There are a number of ways to read the posts in this discussion group. If you click a plus symbol Expand/Collapse Thread, a thread is expanded so that you can see the original post and all the responses to it. If you click a minus symbol Expand/Collapse Thread, a thread is collapsed so that you just see the subject line of an individual post.

Discussion Groups Home

To ask a question or post a message

Click New, and then choose Questions, Suggestion for Microsoft, or General comment. A message form appears in which you can ask your question or share some information regarding clip art. Your question will appear in the list of questions.

Likewise, to reply to a question or comment, simply click a message and then click Reply. Your message will appear as a reply when you click on the plus sign next to the original question.

Use the Clip Art and Media discussion group to interact with fellow clip art users and Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), get your questions answered, learn more about clip art, and share ideas. It's your community!