View up to 24 items on the Clipboard in Office

Applies to
Microsoft Office XP

With the improved Office XP Clipboard, you can cut or copy up to 24 items, view them, and have them ready for pasting. The Clipboard works across all the Office programs and can also be used for other common file types such as .bmp, jpg, .wmf, .gif, and more. The Clipboard presents your items as easy-to-view thumbnails.

Clipboard thumbnails

Use the standard keyboard commands

You can use the following standard keyboard commands for copying, cutting, and pasting:

  • To copy an item: CTRL+C
  • To cut an item: CTRL+X
  • To paste an item you have cut or copied: CTRL+V

Using the Clipboard

The Clipboard can hold up to 24 items. If you already have 24 items on your Clipboard and you copy or cut another item, the item you placed on the Clipboard first (the item that has been on the clipboard the longest) will be deleted to make room for the new item.

Just copy or cut items as you normally would. Your Office Clipboard is automatically activated when you cut or copy an item. Items remain on your Clipboard until you clear the Clipboard or quit your Office program.

Once you have cut or copied an item to the Clipboard, there are two ways for you to view the Clipboard:

  • On the Edit menu, click Office Clipboard.
  • In the task pane, click the down arrow in the upper-right corner, and then click Clipboard.

To paste an individual item from the Clipboard, click the arrow next to the item you wish to paste, and then click Paste. Or, if you want to remove the item from the Clipboard, click Delete. You can paste your items from the Clipboard as many times as you want. If you use only the regular Paste command, the first item on the Clipboard will be pasted into your destination file.

Paste from the Clipboard

Clicking Paste all will paste all the Clipboard contents into your destination file. Clicking Clear All will clear all items from the Clipboard.

Clear All from the Clipboard

If you do not want to use the Clipboard, in the Clipboard task pane, click Options, then click Collect Without Showing Office Clipboard.

Collect Without Showing Office Clipboard

When you click Show Office Clipboard Icon on Taskbar and Show Status Near Taskbar When Copying, the following icon appears in the taskbar:

Special icon

More information

For more information about the Office Clipboard, see Help for the Microsoft Office XP program you are using.