Troubleshoot your printing problems in Office

You've finished your report, presentation, or cost analysis using a Microsoft Office program. The information is rich with data and detail. Now comes the final step: printing it and showing the world your hard work on paper. This is the point at which printing can give you a headache. Right when you want to wrap up your work, project, or school assignment, questions start popping into your mind:

  • Can I take my Microsoft Outlook® schedule with me when I'm away from the computer?
  • In Microsoft Word, how do I print my document from front to back with headers and footers?
  • I need handouts to go with my Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation, but how do I print them?
  • I need to professionally print a brochure that I created with Microsoft Publisher. How do I package my work for the printers?
  • Can I just print a group of cells and not the whole workbook in Microsoft Excel?
  • What if I need to size a Microsoft Visio® diagram to print out on a single sheet of paper?

For answers to these and other printing dilemmas, check out this list of articles, tips, and resources for getting the best results when printing Office documents and files. By knowing ahead of time how you want your printed documents to look and how to set up your Office program to produce that result, you won't have to deal with headaches later on.

Choose the program you need printing help with:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Outlook

  • Print a booklet in Outlook Print your Outlook Calendar or Contacts list in a booklet-size format that is compact and easy to carry, even if your printer only prints on one side of the paper.
  • Paper and pages in Outlook Get a quick introduction to the difference between "paper" and "pages" in Outlook and to printing several pages on one piece of paper.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Office (general)