Time-saving tips for Office

Applies to
Microsoft Office 2000

So much of working quickly and efficiently with software is knowing all the tricks for saving keystrokes and finding your files quickly when you want to work on them.

Take shortcuts through Office

Shortcut keys are crucial for working quickly, but sometimes they're hidden. We have gathered together many of the most useful shortcut keys in each of the Office 2000 programs. In addition, we provide you with A list of useful shortcut keys—a downloadable spreadsheet that allows you to filter and sort the information in whatever way is most convenient for you. If you remember actions by product, then sort the shortcut keys by product. If you remember actions by what they do — for example, saving or opening files — you can sort in that way. You can then print the list, sorted as you wish, and keep it near your computer.

Find everything you need

Whether it's files or contacts, when you have a large number of them, it can be difficult to locate what you want. Finding files in Office offers several tips for quickly locating files as well as providing pointers to information about finding directories quickly. If you want to locate a contact without having to search your Microsoft Outlook® Address Book, read Finding a contact quickly in Outlook.

Work with graphics and text

When you need to add a graphic to a slide or a document several times, or you want to use the same formatting of text or graphics in several different places, you don't need to take laborious steps to get what you want. Insert a drawing object multiple times in Office and Apply text and graphics formatting multiple times in Office give you tips on how to perform these actions easily.