Take a tour of the Clip Art and Media site

On the Clip Art and Media site on Microsoft Office Online (formerly called Design Gallery Live), you can choose from a diverse collection of more than 135,000 pieces of clip art, animation, sounds, and photos for professional and personal use. You can add these clips to your personal or business documents to add visual appeal.

Clip of the Day

Every day a new clip is added to the site and featured as the Clip of the Day, ready to use in your Microsoft Office files.

Clip of the day

Copying and pasting or dragging clips

When you want to grab an image or sound quickly, you can copy and paste it or drag it right into your file. If you think you may want to use the clip again, you can download it and add it to Microsoft Clip Gallery or Microsoft Clip Organizer. (One of these programs is installed on your computer, depending on the Office product version you have installed.)

Clip Art and Media options

The Options link in the top right of the Office Clip Art and Media home page allows you to view larger clip art thumbnails and previews. You can also choose to view more clips per page.

Using Search

Find the images, animations, and sounds you’re looking for with the Search box at the top of the page. You can limit your search to specific media types, or refine your search by content type within a category. For examples, see Clip Art and Media Help.

Browsing the Clip Art and Media site

The Browse Clip Art and Media section is an organized list of clip categories. This organization provides an alternative to searching for clips by keyword or by question in the Search box.

Featured collections

These clip art collections are highlighted to provide a glimpse of our variety of content. The four collections are grouped by keywords and styles.

Working in the Properties window

When you click an individual clip, the Properties window for that clip opens. The Properties window gives you information about a clip, such as its file name, size, and the keywords associated with it. You can view a larger image of the clip from the Properties window. And, you can do additional searches from the Properties window by clicking one of the keywords listed in the window.

Clip Properties window

For more information, see Working in the Properties window in Clip Art and Media Help.