Office XP Web Components: The Data Source component

Applies to
Microsoft Access 2002

Microsoft Office Web Components is a set of ActiveX® controls installed with Office XP.

The Data Source Web component is designed to help Microsoft Office Web Components connect to data. For example, the Data Source component can be used by PivotTable® lists to bind to database data. In many cases, the Data Source component is used automatically, such as when building a data access page in Design view in Access or adding a Chart component to help visualize data stored in a Spreadsheet component. The Data Source component manages database connections and retrieves records for the other components to display. Microsoft Active Data Objects (ADO) are used by the Data Source component to make connections to relational databases such as Access and Microsoft SQL Server™, and on the Microsoft Decision Support Server (DCUBE) for connecting to multidimensional data.

The Data Source component provides programmatic interfaces to perform the following operations:

  • Create a new Office Data Source object and associate it with a database connection
  • Add rowsources (tables, views, stored procedures, or SQL statements) to an Office Data Source
  • Build flat SQL and hierarchical SHAPE commands to retrieve the data represented by the rowsources from the back-end database and the ADO Shape provider
  • Return standard ADO Recordsets, sometimes linked together in hierarchies, to data-consuming objects on the page, including the built-in data binding agent Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, the PivotTable list component, or the Chart component
  • Modify the SHAPE definition in response to user requests to group and aggregate base data
  • Use the services of the decision support engine from Microsoft to support a pivot user interface in the PivotTable list component
  • Allow an Office Data Source definition to persist in a file and load from a file