Office Web Components: Charts

Applies to
Microsoft Office XP

Microsoft Office Web Components are a collection of Component Object Model (COM) controls installed with Office. However, if you previously chose not to install it, you can download Office XP Tool: Web Components from Downloads on Microsoft Office Online.

With the Chart component, you can create dynamic, interactive, visually appealing charts on Web pages and make it easy for users to see comparisons and trends in data. Since the chart is linked directly to another component on the page, the chart is updated instantly when the user changes the data in the other component. For example, you can chart stock prices in a spreadsheet; if you make changes to the High, Low, or Close values in the spreadsheet, the chart is updated automatically.

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Charts for the Web can use data from database tables and queries and from spreadsheets and PivotTable® lists that you create with Microsoft Office Web Components.

When you use the Save as Web Page command in Microsoft Excel to publish a chart as an interactive Web page, the page contains a Chart component and the chart's source data. Office Web Component charts can also be created and edited directly in the data access page Design view in Microsoft Access and in Microsoft FrontPage®.