Insert a drawing object multiple times in Office

Applies to
Microsoft Office 2000

Have you ever wanted to insert the same drawing object several times in a row in your document, worksheet, or presentation? It's easy. Instead of clicking the drawing object button every time you want to insert the object, you can take advantage of the drawing object button's "sticky" feature.

  1. To view the Drawing toolbar, right-click any toolbar and select Drawing.
  2. To insert a drawing object several times, double-click the drawing object button (such as Rectangle) on the Drawing toolbar. The button stays selected, or "sticky."
  3. Insert your drawing object several times by clicking in the appropriate locations.
  4. When you're finished inserting the objects, click the drawing object button again, or press ESC.

You can also turn any of the drawing objects available from the AutoShapes button on the Drawing toolbar into "sticky" drawing object buttons. Simply click the AutoShapes button, point to a category (such as Flowchart), and a submenu of shapes opens up. Drag the move handle at the top of the submenu to create a floating toolbar. Then double-click the drawing object button (such as Flowchart: Process). The button now stays "sticky."