Incorporating technology into lessons

As a teacher in today's technological world, you know how important it is for students to use computers on a regular basis. The challenge is to use technology effectively to enhance learning. Incorporating technology into your daily lessons and activities is a practical way to teach students that computer skills are important for more than just surfing the Internet.

By using tools of technology in lessons and projects that engage your students, you can increase classroom participation while your students develop better critical-thinking and comprehension skills. There are some easy methods for introducing computer tools and applications into your classroom.

You can start by creating PowerPoint presentations with your students, and teaching them how to use PowerPoint features to make their presentations interactive. For reading comprehension, you can show students how to use the AutoSummarize feature in Microsoft Office Word to track and summarize important information. If collecting data is required for an assignment, you can show students how to use the Form feature in Microsoft Office Excel to record data in a preformatted worksheet.

By teaching your students to explore how different features of a given technology can help them succeed, you can make using technology a consistent and easy part of your students' learning experience.

The following links provide information and tools to help you incorporate technology into your classroom and lesson plans.

Promote classroom participation with PowerPoint

Develop critical thinking skills with the AutoSummarize feature

Get to the point with Outline view feature

Data collection made easy with the Form feature

Applies to:
Excel 2003, PowerPoint 2003, Word 2003