Icons used in Clip Organizer

Applies to
Microsoft Office XP

When you start a search for clips in Microsoft Clip Organizer or in the Insert Clip Art task pane in an Office program, a listing of thumbnails or symbols for drawings, photos, sounds, and other media files appears in the results pane. If a clip isn't installed on your computer, you'll see a small icon in the lower-left corner of the thumbnail that tells you where the clip is located. The table below shows the icons and what they represent.

Icon Clip location
Icon for Microsoft or Microsoft Partner Web site (free) Microsoft or Microsoft partner Web site (free)
Icon for Microsoft Partner Web site (available for purchase) Microsoft partner Web site (available for purchase)
Unavailable Clip icon Unavailable (this may mean that you are disconnected from the source of the clip, such as the Web or your company's server)

If a clip is an animated gif, you'll see this star icon in the lower-right corner of the thumbnail: Animated gif icon.

For detailed information about using the Insert Clip Art task pane to find and insert clips, see Microsoft Help for the Office program you are using. For more information about Clip Organizer, see Microsoft Clip Organizer Help, available within the Microsoft Clip Organizer window. Also, see Organize Media Clips in Office XP.