How to install, activate, and register Microsoft Office 2003 programs

As you install and activate Microsoft Office 2003 programs and editions, instructions and information are automatically presented or made available. But there may be times when you want to view this information later, or when you need information that is not presented during the typical installation. This page gathers together installation instructions and other information so that you can view it whenever you need it.


Product keys


You must activate your Microsoft Office System products to verify that your installation was done with a genuine Microsoft product. None of the information collected during product activation will be used to personally identify you.

Activating Visio

Microsoft Office Visio 2003 is a stand-alone program in the Office System; it is not included in Office 2003 Professional or Office 2003 Standard. Find out about activating Visio:


When you finish activation, you will have the option to register your software with Microsoft. Registration is not required. When you register your software, Microsoft can send you customized information and offers regarding future products, as well as provide you with improved product support and product updates.