Detect and Repair: Find and fix errors in Office programs

Applies to
Microsoft Office 2000
Repairing from within Office

After you have installed Office 2000, let the program take care of correcting any errors in files for you. On the Help menu, click Detect and Repair. A message box opens to let you know that you may need access to your installation source. This means, for example, if you installed from CD, you may need to insert the CD again.

Be sure to check Restore my shortcuts while repairing, if you want default shortcuts to be restored.

Repairing from Maintenance Mode

If you would prefer to fix or make changes to your installation, you can return to Office 2000 Setup and choose Maintenance Mode. You will get a choice to Repair Office 2000 or Reinstall. If you choose Repair Office 2000, most errors will be found and fixed. If you choose to reinstall, Office will go through the complete installation sequence and restore the installation to what it was when you first installed.

In Maintenance Mode, you can also choose to add or remove features, or completely uninstall Office. In Control Panel, choose Add/Remove Programs.