Business card basics: How to make your own

Business cards: (c) Dave Robertson/Masterfile Your business card is your professional face, so it is important that you have cards that reinforce your business objectives and image. Microsoft Office System can help you make a statement with your business card, without having to spend a fortune on a logo design and professional printing. Here is a simple guide to the basic steps in making your own business cards.

1. Pick a template

You can make business cards using either Publisher or Word, so choose a business card template for whichever program you want to use.

2. Customize your cards

Whether you are using Word or Publisher, we recommend using Avery business card stock for easy printing.

3. Add art

Search our Clip Art and Media site to find the right clip art to represent your business, or click the links below to search a few styles that may be suitable.

Applies to:
Publisher 2003, Word 2003