About Reading view

Reading view is a special viewing mode that makes it easier to read scanned documents on the screen. When activated, Reading view presents the current document and hides most nonessential screen elements, including the Microsoft Windows taskbar.

To switch to Reading view, click Reading View on the View menu.

ShowThe Reading View menu

Access the Reading View menu by clicking the arrow button in the upper-left corner of the screen.

ShowNavigating in Reading view

There are several ways to navigate in Reading view:

Navigate through a document

  • Click anywhere on the page, or press SPACEBAR or PAGE DOWN to scroll down one section at a time through the document. A section is approximately one screen, depending on the size and resolution of your display.
  • Press BACKSPACE or PAGE UP to scroll up one section at a time through the document. Sections overlap for easy navigation.
  • Press the LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW keys to scroll one full page at a time through the document.
  • Press CTRL+HOME to scroll to the first page in the document or CTRL+END to scroll to the last page in the document.

Navigate on a page

  • Press the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys to scroll several lines at a time on the page.
  • Click in the gray area at the top or bottom of the screen to scroll one section in that direction on the page. Clicking anywhere except in the upper gray area scrolls down one section.
  • Press HOME to scroll to the top of the page or END to scroll to the bottom of the page.

Click gray areas to scroll to next or previous section

Callout 1 Click to view the next section

Callout 2 Click to view the previous section

ShowSelecting text in Reading view

Select text by dragging, just as you can in other Microsoft Office programs.

Drag the mouse to select text

You can copy selected text by opening the Reading View menu and then clicking Copy.

ShowClosing Reading view

To close Reading view, press ESC.

 Note   To provide an unobstructed reading area, the mouse pointer is hidden until needed. When you stop moving the mouse, the pointer disappears after five seconds. To show the pointer again, move the mouse.