Set a remote Web site location

 Important    If Remote Web Site is unavailable on the View menu, you have not named and saved the Web site. In order to set a remote Web site location, you must first name and save the Web site.

  1. Open the Web site for which you want to set a remote location.
  2. On the View menu, click Remote Web site.

ShowWhy is the Remote Web Site option unavailable on the View menu?

If the Remote Web Site view is unavailable, name and save the Web site. It will now be available from the View menu.

  1. At the top of the document window, click Remote Web Site Properties.
  2. Under Remote Web server type, click the type of Web server that you want to publish your Web site to. Some examples include:
    • FrontPage or SharePoint Services servers: http://servername/directory
    • WebDAV server: http://servername/Web Site
    • FTP server: ftp://servername/Web Site
    • File system: C:\My Web Sites\Web Site 1 if the location is on your computer or \\MyNetworkShare\My Web Site if the location is on a file server.
  3. By the Remote Web site location box, click Browse.
  4. Locate and click the remote Web site location that you want, and then click Open.

 Note   If you want to change the password or username of an FTP site, see your server administrator, ISP, or the person who gave you your account information.

Applies to:
FrontPage 2003