Promoting your real estate Web site

If you're an established real estate agent, chances are you already have your own Web site. Ensuring that your Web site supports your business to its fullest advantage and potential is vital. Success in real estate hinges on how well you can spread your name. And in today's competitive real estate market, simply having a passive presence on the Internet isn't enough. You have to market your Internet presence in order to market yourself as an agent.

Do you have a strategy to bring people to your real estate Web site? And how do you ensure their return? Have you made the most of your real estate presence on Web sites that already exist? Adding your URL (Web address), e-mail address, and other information to your business cards, flyers, and listing presentations can help build your Internet brand and draw traffic to your site.

There are several ways you can maximize your site's placement on Internet search engines, such as hiring a search engine consultant or adding the right keywords to your meta tags. Banner ads can also drive a greater number of potential clients to your site.

After you have positioned your site to attract the greatest number of potential clients, there are many ways to encourage their return, from sending out e-mail newsletters, to providing information about community events, and more.

Use the following tools and information to help you develop and promote your real estate Web site, and to successfully enhance your Internet presence — and real estate brand.

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