Open a Web page

Do one of the following:

ShowOpen a page from within the current Web site

  • In Folders view, double-click the page.

ShowOpen a page on a different Web site or in a local file system

 Important   Open files from a trusted source. Question messages, attachments or files from unexpected sources. If a file has an unusual filename, timestamp, extension, file size, or other property, do not open the file. Always scan files with antivirus software before opening them. In the course of infecting a hard drive or a Web server, some viruses may create files or overwrite existing ones. If opened, these files may cause harm to your system. Make sure your server is running up-to-date antivirus software. For more information, contact your Web server administrator or Web site hosting company.

  • In Folders view, locate and click the file you want, and then click Open Button image.

 Note   If you open a Web page that is on a different Web site from the one you have open, a new instance of Microsoft FrontPage will open.

Applies to:
FrontPage 2003