Make Web page graphics more accessible in FrontPage 2002

Applies to
Microsoft FrontPage® 2002

Alternative text (alt text) is a Web page graphic property used by Web browsers. You can set this property to display text in place of images for people who have graphics turned off in their browsers. When they move the mouse pointer over a graphic, the alternative text appears in a pop-up window.

For people who are blind or who have low vision and rely on screen-reading software to convert graphics on the screen to spoken words, alt text is used to convey the meaning of each image. Without alt text, your Web graphics are not accessible to visitors to your Web site who use screen readers.

To add text that describes a graphic and make your Web site more accessible, open a Web page in FrontPage and do the following:

  1. In Page view, right-click the graphic, click Picture Properties, and then click the General tab.
  2. In the Text box, under Alternative representations, type the alternative text for the graphic.
  3. Click OK and save your page.

 Tip   Your alternative text should be a short label for the graphic, not a long description of it.

 Note   For more information about accessibility, see Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Help.