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Hyperlinks II: Link bars and image maps

Link bar with links to main areas of a Web site

A Web site with a link bar. The semi-circle on "Home" tells you which page you are on.

A link bar is a FrontPage Web Component that contains multiple links. Also known as a navigation bar or "navbar," a link bar can be very effective when providing links to the main pages of your site.

An example of a link bar is shown here. Notice that in this example, the link bar has a visual cue, in the form of a semi-circle, on "Home." This tells you that this is the page you are on.

In FrontPage, there are three types of link bars:

  • Link bar with custom links
  • Link bar with Back and Next buttons
  • Link bar based on navigation structure

The next three pages will explain each type, and good situations in which to use them.

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