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HTML Tables III: Design a page with layout tables

You can freely move and resize layout cells within a layout table. The spacer cells will react accordingly.

Now that you know about the anatomy of a layout table, we can tell you more about its benefits.

One big benefit is that you can freely position and resize layout cells within a layout table. When you do, the spacer cells will adjust automatically for you. Click Play on the left to see an animated example of how you can position a layout cell easily. Notice how the spacer cells react to each placement of the layout cell.

With regular tables, this is not easily done. That's because regular tables don't have those flexible spacer cells that can react and change accordingly.

The ability to size and position cells may sound trivial, but when you think about it, it's pretty powerful. It gives you the arranging and positioning flexibility that many page-layout and desktop publishing programs have.

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