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HTML Tables II: Table and cell widths

Spacer GIF

This spacer GIF started out as 1 pixel wide by 1 pixel tall. Then, it was changed to 100 pixels wide and 1 pixel tall. Spacers are invisible in the browser, so they are great at keeping table cells propped open.

A spacer GIF usually starts out as a 1 pixel by 1 pixel transparent image. However, when you manually resize it, it can keep a cell propped open to a desired width.

You can select and modify a spacer GIF in FrontPage, but they are invisible in the browser.

Also known as a "shim" or "prop," a spacer GIF will download quickly because it is usually only 1KB in size. Therefore, it will not make your page slower to download.

You can make your own spacer GIF by using an image editing program, or you can use the one we provide in the practice session for this lesson. It will be called "spacer.gif."

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