Highlight the hot spots on a graphic

You can highlight hot spots (hot spot: An area on an object containing a hyperlink. An entire object can be a single hot spot, or an object can contain multiple hot spots. A picture with hot spots is called an image map.) on a graphic. For example, you might use this feature if it's hard for you to see the hot spot outlines that are superimposed on the graphic.

  1. In Page view, at the bottom of the document window, click Design Button image.
  2. Click the graphic.
  3. On the Pictures toolbar, click Highlight Hotspots Button image.

If the Pictures toolbar is hidden, right-click the graphic, and then click Show Pictures Toolbar on the shortcut menu.

  1. To display the graphic without highlighting, click Highlight Hotspots Button image again.
Applies to:
FrontPage 2003