FrontPage 2003 training courses

A roadmap to FrontPage 2003 training:

1. A great place to start

Course What you’ll learn
Create a FrontPage Web site How to plan, create, and publish a Web site
Audio course: Create a FrontPage Web site The same stuff as the one above, but this course has audio on every page.

2. Page design

Course What you’ll learn
Work with graphics in FrontPage How to choose the proper file format for your graphics, and how to insert them into your pages. Plus, learn about the often misunderstood Save Embedded Files dialog box.
HTML Tables I: Basic concepts Table basics: How to insert a simple HTML table, what table tags are like, and how to change table properties
HTML Tables II: Table and cell widths More basics: How HTML table and cell widths work, and how to make them look the way you want
HTML Tables III: Design a page with layout tables The fun stuff: How to use layout tables to design a page, and how to use a tracing image to start your layout
HTML Tables IV: Format and touch up a page layout Finishing touches: How to format a layout table, how to add color, style, and finesse like a pro, and how to make your table stretch
Introduction to cascading style sheets (CSS) Lots about CSS, including the three different types of style sheets: external, embedded, and inline

3. It's all about links

Course What you’ll learn
Hyperlinks I: The basics How to insert hyperlinks and understand URLs
Hyperlinks II: Link bars and image maps How to add a link bar or image map to a page

4. What the pros know: timesavers and cool effects

Course What you’ll learn
So that's how! Great FrontPage features How to find and replace across multiple pages, include pages within pages, and use the broken hyperlinks report
Liven up Web pages with interactive buttons How to insert interactive buttons, and a little about JavaScript, scripting code that makes Web page interaction possible

5. Get down and dirty with the code

Course What you’ll learn
Under the hood: Effortless ways to work with code How to use Split view, Code view, and the Quick Tag Selector

6. Publish your site

Course What you’ll learn
How to publish a Web site with FTP What to get from your ISP, and how to publish your files to an FTP server

Note     You can also download shorter PowerPoint versions of some training courses, or you can download the Quick Reference Cards that summarize each course.

And that's not all – the whole schmeer

Online training isn't just for FrontPage. It's also available for the other programs in the Microsoft Office System. Because the more you know, the better you do.

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FrontPage 2003