Create online surveys using FrontPage 2002

Applies to
Microsoft FrontPage® 2002
SharePoint™ Team Services v 1.0 from Microsoft

You can use FrontPage 2002 to create and insert dynamic online surveys, complete with easy-to-add radio buttons, dropdown menus, and check boxes. Site visitors can respond to surveys from their browsers, and can choose to see results in automatic graphs. You can simplify your survey creation with template choices, or create your survey in only seconds with the New Survey Wizard. Dynamic online surveys are made possible through SharePoint™ Team Services v 1.0 from Microsoft.

To create a dynamic online survey using the New Survey Wizard, open a SharePoint team Web site with FrontPage 2002 and edit it directly on the server as follows:

  1. In Folder List view, select the Lists directory.
  2. From the File menu, point to New, and click Survey.
  3. In New Survey, select New Survey Wizard and click OK.
  4. Click Next and enter a name and description for your new survey.
  5. Click Next, select the Add button to add questions, information type, and input choices to the survey and click Finish for each question.
  6. Repeat step 5 until all the survey questions are entered, then click Next.
  7. Select read, edit, and modify permissions as well as display and input options, and then click Finish.

 Tip   You can create your new survey pages in any location in your SharePoint team Web site by selecting the location in Folder List view before starting the New Survey Wizard. Because surveys are a type of list, your new survey will automatically be linked to the SharePoint team Web site Lists page regardless of where it is saved.

More information

For more information about creating online surveys, see Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Help.