Add a Word document to a FrontPage 2003 Web site

To add a Microsoft Office Word 2003 document to your Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 Web site, you must first import the document into your FrontPage Folder List, then link to it from your Web page, and then publish your Web site.

To import a Word document into your FrontPage Folder List, see Import a Word document into a FrontPage 2003 Folder List.

When site visitors click the hyperlink, they will be able to open the Word document or save it to their desktop.

 Note   Visitors must have Word or the Microsoft Office Word Viewer installed on their computer in order to view the Word document.

  1. If the Folder List is not visible, on the View menu, click Folder List.

ShowIf the Folder List command is unavailable

Some FrontPage features require special FrontPage information called metadata (metadata: Data that describes other data. For example, the words in a document are data; the word count is an example of metadata.). If the Folder List command is unavailable, you may need to add FrontPage metadata to your Web site. To learn more about FrontPage metadata, see About FrontPage Web sites in the See Also list which is visible when you are connected to the Internet.

ShowTo add FrontPage metadata to your Web site

  1. Close all open pages.
  2. On the File menu, click Open Site.
  3. In the Open Site dialog box, browse to and click the folder that contains your Web site.

No folder or site name will appear in the Site name box.

  1. Click Open. If you are alerted that FrontPage needs to add information to your folder, click Yes.
  1. Open the Web page from which you want to link the Word document.
  2. Select the text or the picture that you want to use as the hyperlink.

 Note   If you do not select text or a picture, the destination URL (Uniform Resource Locator (URL): An address that specifies a protocol (such as HTTP or FTP) and a location of an object, document, World Wide Web page, or other destination on the Internet or an intranet, for example: is displayed as the hyperlink text.

  1. On the Standard toolbar, click Insert Hyperlink Button image.
  2. Under Link to, click Existing File or Web Page.
  3. Select the Word file that you imported into your FrontPage Web site, and then click OK.
Applies to:
FrontPage 2003