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Create a Web site with FrontPage

Web site files, broken hyperlinks report, and a page being published to a Web server

Not only is Microsoft Office FrontPage a great design tool, but you can also use it to manage files, run reports, and publish your site.

You probably know that FrontPage is a Web site design tool. But it has another major role that's important to remember: FrontPage is also a Web site management tool. How exactly does FrontPage help you manage your site?

There are a handful of ways. One way is that you can use it to add, rename, delete, or move around files (without doing it in Microsoft® Windows® Explorer). You can use it to fix problems using special reports, like the broken hyperlinks report. And you can even publish a Web site using FrontPage.

The important thing to remember is that these management features are not available when opening and working on single HTML files. They are only available when you open and work on a FrontPage Web site. What is a FrontPage Web site? The next few pages will explain.

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