File types and formats supported in PowerPoint Online

Supported for viewing and editing Supported only for viewing Cannot be opened
PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx) PowerPoint Template (.potx) PowerPoint Add-in (.ppam)
PowerPoint Show (.ppsx) PowerPoint 97-2003 Template (.pot) Rich Text Format (RTF)
OpenDocument Presentation (.odp) ** PowerPoint 97-2003 .ppt and .pps Portable Document Format (PDF)
*** PowerPoint Macro-Enabled .pptm, .potm, and .ppsm PowerPoint 97-2003 Add-in (.ppa)
Files marked as final IRM files
Password files
Files with digital signatures

** PowerPoint Online displays presentations in the .ppt and .pps formats, but to edit the presentation in the browser, it saves a new copy of the presentation in .pptx format.

*** The presentation can be opened, but macros do not run.

If you’re using SharePoint 2010, see Differences between using a presentation in the browser and in PowerPoint.

Applies to:
PowerPoint Online