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Organize your clip art and other media

Clip Organizer

Microsoft Clip Organizer.

Even if you're not normally the type of person who likes organizing things, a few minutes' work from Clip Organizer will make your life much easier.

Clip Organizer catalogs your clips by using keywords on each clip, and groups similar types of clips together, in collections. It can even scan your hard drive for clips you might have forgotten were there, and lets you add or edit keywords on those clips (you'll find out how in the next lesson).

Clip Organizer also uses keywords to find the clips you want. You can also search by filename, type of clip, and by collection. You'll find out lots more about searching for clips in the next lesson.

Note    You will see the same search results whether you search in the Clip Art task pane or in Clip Organizer itself.

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