View the History worksheet

  1. On the Tools menu, point to Track Changes, and then click Highlight Changes.

If the Track changes while editing check box is not selected, Microsoft Excel has not recorded any change history (change history: In a shared workbook, information that is maintained about changes made in past editing sessions. The information includes the name of the person who made each change, when the change was made, and what data was changed.) for the workbook.

  1. Select the When check box and click All.
  2. Clear the Who and Where boxes.
  3. Select the List changes on a new sheet check box.
  4. Click OK, and then click the filter (filter: To display only the rows in a list that satisfy the conditions you specify. You use the AutoFilter command to display rows that match one or more specific values, calculated values, or conditions.) arrows next to the column labels on the History worksheet (History worksheet: A separate worksheet that lists changes being tracked in a shared workbook, including the name of the person who made the change, when and where it was made, what data was deleted or replaced, and how conflicts were resolved.) to find the information you want.

 Note   Saving the workbook removes the History worksheet. To view the History worksheet after saving, redisplay it.

Applies to:
Excel 2003