Using the Excel Add-in for SQL Server Analysis Services

Applies to
Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Microsoft Excel 2002

The Microsoft Excel Add-in for Analysis Services provides analysis capabilities and flexible reporting for data imported into Excel from Analysis Services cubes.

 Note   This add-in requires both Excel and SQL Server Analysis Services, a middle-tier server for online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining. The Analysis Services system includes a server that manages multidimensional cubes of data for analysis and provides rapid client access to cube information.

Using this add-in in Excel, you can import data from one or more Analysis Services cubes into a single report, use Analysis Services techniques to analyze the data, and then use Excel functionality to manipulate and present the data.

For example, by leveraging your current Excel skills, you can create reports for business needs like sales and marketing, planning, budgeting, and forecasting. You can also quickly identify, analyze, and respond to business conditions and opportunities. The add-in was designed to enable you to easily access the information you need to make informed business decisions.

Download the add-in

You can download the Excel Add-in for SQL Server Analysis Services from Downloads on Microsoft Office Online. Follow the instructions on the Downloads page to install the add-in.

After you install the add-in, the Cube Analysis menu will be available on the Excel menu bar. This menu enables you to create and modify reports by using the following Analysis Services features in Excel:

  • Actions on cubes    Actions enable you to initiate an operation on a cube or selected portion of a cube. Using actions, you can go beyond traditional analysis and initiate solutions to discovered problems and deficiencies.
  • Drillthrough    Reports created with the add-in can display data from any level within a cube. Drillthrough capabilities allow you to see the source data for the cube cells represented in your report.
  • What-if analysis and writeback    What-if analysis enables you to initiate a "what-if" scenario by updating data and analyzing the effects of changes on your data. You can save the scenario for future analysis. When you save the scenario, changes you made to data (known as writeback data) are written to the cube. Once you write back changes, the data is available for future analysis and can be viewed by and shared with others who have access to the cube.

More information

Information on using the add-in is available in Excel. On the Help menu, click Cube Analysis Help. You can also access Help from any add-in dialog box by pressing F1.