Troubleshoot research options

ShowI don't see a Research options link in the Research task pane.

  • If you are working in Internet Explorer or Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2003 and have multiple instances of the Research task pane open, close all of them, and reopen.

ShowI don't want a particular service. When I go to the Research options dialog, click Update/Remove, I can't remove it. The Remove button is grayed out. How do I remove a service?

  • Services that are automatically added to the Research task pane each time you open it can be turned off by clearing the check box for the service you don't want in the Research options dialog. To remove services such as Translation or Thesaurus, go to Office Setup (Office Shared Features > Proofing Tools) and uninstall them.

ShowHow do I remove the Thesaurus and Translation services from the Research task pane?

  • You cannot uninstall the Thesaurus and Translation by using the Research options dialog. Instead, go to Office Setup (Office Shared Features > Proofing Tools) and unistall it.
  • To remove specific language pairs from view in the Search for list in the Research task pane, click Translation in the Search for list, click Translations options inside the Research task pane, and select the options you want.

ShowWhy can't I add a Microsoft® Office SharePoint™ Portal Server 2003 site to my list of Research services?

  • To add a SharePoint Portal Server site, click Research options, Add Services, type http://your root directory/_vti_bin/search.asmx in the field provided, and then click Add.

ShowI added a service but I don't see it in my Search for list.

  • In the Research Options dialog, select the check box for the the service you want to turn on.

ShowI want one service offered by a provider, not all their services. How do I remove the remainder?

  • You must take all services of the provider. They cannot be customized in this way. You can, however, remove the provider entirely or, in the Research options dialog, clear the check boxes you want so those particular services aren't visible in the Search for list.

ShowI changed my Office language from A to B, but all of Research services are still in language A.

  • In the Research task pane, click Research options, click Update/Remove, select Microsoft Office Online Services, and then click Update. Close the Research task pane, and then reopen it to get language B.
Applies to:
Excel 2003, OneNote 2003, Outlook 2003, PowerPoint 2003, Publisher 2003, Word 2003