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Organize your clip art and other media

The Clip Art task pane

Searching for clips in the Clip Art task pane is simple.
Callout 1 In the Search for box, type in a word related to the sort of clip you're looking for.
Callout 2 In the Search in box, choose which collections you want to look through.
Callout 3 In the Results should be box, specify whether you want to see clip art, photographs, animations, sounds, or all media types.
Callout 4 Audio clips are represented by this icon.
Callout 5 Animations are indicated by a small star icon.
Callout 6 Clips that are available from the Clip Art and Media site are shown by a small globe icon.

When you're working in an Office program, the Clip Art task pane is your entry point into Clip Organizer. The collections in the task pane are the ones you see in the Clip Organizer, and any search you carry out in the task pane will return the same results as searching from Clip Organizer.

The results that you see in the task pane might include small icons that indicate what sort of clip it is (for example, animation or sound).

It can be very useful to see or hear a preview of a sound or motion clip before inserting it into your document. You can do this from the task pane. Simply right–click the clip and click Preview/Properties (you'll get to try this in the practice session).

Note    The preview feature is also available in Clip Organizer.

To insert a clip into your document, just click the clip.

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