Sorting in Power View

In a Power View sheet, you can sort data in tables, matrices, and bar and column charts. You can sort individual charts within multiples. You can sort numeric fields, such as Sales Amount, and non-numeric fields, such as Name.

Sort charts in Power View

Sort tables and matrices in Power View

Sort images in Power View

Power View cannot sort binary values like photos. Therefore it sorts by another column—which column is determined by settings in the model on which the report is based.

  • If the Sort by Other Column property is set, then Power View sorts by that column.
  • If not, but the table has a Default Label column set, then Power View sorts by that column.
  • If neither, then the image sorts by the Row ID field.

More about sorting images in Power View.

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Applies to:
Excel 2013, Power View in Excel 2013, Power View in SharePoint Server 2013