Set the base address for the hyperlinks in a workbook

By default, unspecified paths to hyperlink (hyperlink: Colored and underlined text or a graphic that you click to go to a file, a location in a file, a Web page on the World Wide Web, or a Web page on an intranet. Hyperlinks can also go to newsgroups and to Gopher, Telnet, and FTP sites.) destination files are relative to the location of the active workbook. Use this procedure when you want to set a different default path. Each time you create a hyperlink to a file in that location, you'll only have to specify the file name, not the path, in the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.

  1. On the File menu, click Properties.
  2. Click the Summary tab.
  3. In the Hyperlink base box, type the path you want to use.

 Note   You can override the hyperlink base address by using the full, or absolute, address for the hyperlink in the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.

Applies to:
Excel 2003