Remove duplicates

Removes all rows from a Power Query table where the values in the selected columns duplicate earlier values. The row with the first occurrence of a value set is not removed. You remove duplicate in the Query Editor.

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You can access the Query Editor from the Navigator pane when connecting to a data source, or at any time from the Workbook Queries pane or the contextual Query ribbon tab for an existing query. To learn how to load the Query Editor, see Power Query Quick Start.

For example, a table has four columns.

Remove Duplicates 1

Select Column2 and Column4 then select Remove Duplicates. The third row is removed because the values in Column1 and Column4 are the same in both instances.

Remove Duplicates 2

To remove duplicates

  • In the Query Editor preview grid, select columns.

Using the Query Editor ribbon

  • In the Query Editor ribbon, click Remove Duplicates.

Using the Query Editor context menu

  • In the Query Editor ribbon, click Remove Duplicates. You can also right click and click Remove Duplicates.
Applies to:
Excel 2013, Excel 2010