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So that's how! Printing options in Excel

The Fit to option in the Page Setup dialog box

The Fit to option is another way to print your data on one page.
Callout 1 Leave 1 in the page(s) wide by box.
Callout 2 Leave 1 in the tall box.

You can also get more columns on the page by using the Fit to option. This will temporarily reduce the data on the printed page to a smaller size.

Note     This option does not change the size of the data on your worksheet. Only the printed data is smaller.

From print preview, click Setup (or in normal view, on the File menu, click Page Setup). On the Page tab, select the Fit to option.

In the pages(s) wide by box, 1 is already entered. This means that the printed data will be one page wide.

In the tall box, 1 means that the printed data will be one page long.

Click OK to go back to print preview. See if the text is readable. If you're not sure, click Setup again. On the Page tab, look at the number in the Adjust to box. Depending on your audience, 50% and above should be readable. In the picture, the data is adjusted to 89%.

Tip     The Zoom command will not affect how a worksheet is printed. It changes only what you see on your computer. For example, changing the magnification to 75% or 150% will not make the worksheet print at a smaller or larger percentage.

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