Put Excel data on a Web page

  1. Open or select the workbook that contains the items you want to publish.
  2. On the File menu, click Save as Web Page.

If you have already selected the item you want to publish, or want to publish an entire workbook without interactivity, you can select the options you want in the Save as Web Page dialog box, click Save, and you're done. Otherwise, continue with the steps listed below.

  1. Click Publish.
  2. Under Item to publish, click what you want to publish in the Choose box.

ShowChoosing items to publish

To select the worksheet or item that you want to publish, select one item from the Choose list. You can publish only one item at a time. To publish another item, select the new item and repeat the publishing procedure. The following list outlines what you can publish and how to publish it.

  • Entire workbooks     Select Entire workbook. You can publish an entire workbook with interactivity in the Publish dialog box, but not without interactivity.
  • Entire worksheets     Select Items on Sheetname, and then select All contents of Sheetname.
  • Items     Select Items on Sheetname, and then select the item you want to publish, such as a PivotTable report (PivotTable report: An interactive, crosstabulated Excel report that summarizes and analyzes data, such as database records, from various sources, including ones that are external to Excel.) or a chart. Items do not include ranges of cells.
  • Ranges of cells     Select Range of cells and then, if the selection box does not contain the range you want, click the worksheet (the dialog box will collapse to a selection box), select a range of cells from the Microsoft Excel workbook, and then click Expand Dialog Button image.
  • Charts     Select Items on Sheetname, and then select Chart x.
  • Filtered ranges     Select Items on Sheetname, and then select the AutoFilter item you want to publish.
  • External data ranges     Select Items on Sheetname, and then select the Query item you want to publish.
  • Republishing     To republish a worksheet or item that you have already published, select Previously published items and then select the worksheet or item you want to republish. To prevent an item from being republished, select the item and click Remove. To continue publishing, click another item in the list.
  1. Under Viewing options, select or clear the Add interactivity with check box, and if necessary, click the type of functionality you want.

ShowPublishing with or without interactivity

ShowPublishing without interactivity

If you want users to view the data you publish but not work with it in the browser, you can publish it as noninteractive data. You can open, edit and save noninteractive Web pages in Microsoft Excel, but you cannot make any changes to the data in the browser.

ShowPublishing with interactivity

To enable people to work with the data on your Web page in a browser, you can make your data interactive. For example, you can publish an interactive spreadsheet that calculates loan information. A user who browses to the page can enter financial information such as loan amount and interest rate to calculate a monthly payment.


  1. To add a title over the published selection, click Change under Publish as. Type the title you want, and then click OK.
  2. Next to the File name box, click Browse, and locate the drive, folder, Web folder (Web folder: A shortcut you use to save, open, copy, or delete files on a Web or FTP server. Some Web folders, such as document libraries, have functionality not available with local folders. You'll find Web folders in My Network Places or Web Folders.), Web server (Web server: A computer that hosts Web pages and responds to requests from browsers. Also known as an HTTP server, a Web server stores files whose URLs begin with http://.), or FTP (FTP: A communication protocol that makes it possible for a user to transfer files between remote locations on a network. This protocol also allows users to use FTP commands, such as listing files and folders, to work with files on a remote location.) location where you want to save or publish your Web page. You can also choose an existing Web page to append to or replace as long as you have permission to modify the Web page and have access to the HTML (HTML: The standard markup language used for documents on the World Wide Web. HTML uses tags to indicate how Web browsers should display page elements such as text and graphics and how to respond to user actions.) file.
  3. To view the Web page in your browser after you publish it, select the Open published Web page in browser check box.
  4. If you expect to make changes in the workbook later and want to automatically republish the items each time the workbook is saved, select the AutoRepublish every time this workbook is saved check box.
  5. Click Publish.

If you are publishing to an existing Web page, click Replace file to copy over the existing page, or Add to file to append your data to the end of the Web page.

Applies to:
Excel 2003