Publish an Excel list

To publish a list to a server that is running Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services    

 Note   The list you want to publish must be active on the worksheet.

  1. On the Data menu, point to List, and then click Publish List.
  2. In the Address box, type the URL of the server.

If you want to link the list to the list that will be created in the SharePoint site, select the Link to the new SharePoint list check box.

  1. In the Name box, type the name of the list.
  2. In the Description box, type comments that describe the list. This is optional.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Inspect the data types displayed for each of the columns in your list range. If the data types are as expected, click Finish. If a column is associated with an incorrect data type, click Cancel and confirm that the key cell can be converted to the correct type. After making changes, publish the list to see if the changes you made in the data has affected the data type for the column.

 Note   When you successfully publish a linked list, an ID column is automatically added as the first column of your list. The ID column is used to ensure that all records are unique. This column is read-only and cannot be removed from the list unless you unlink the list from the SharePoint site.

To view a published list on Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services    

  1. Select a list on the worksheet that has been published.
  2. On the List toolbar, click List, then click View List on Server.

 Note   You must have a working network or internet connection to the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services site. Additionally, you must have permissions to view the list on the server.

Applies to:
Excel 2003