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So that's how! Printing options in Excel

A worksheet without cell gridlines displayed and with gridlines displayed; centering data on a page

Fig. 1  Excel automatically prints without cell gridlines. But you can print with cell gridlines turned on.
Fig. 2  If data doesn't fill up the page, you can center it on the page.

Excel automatically prints worksheets without cell gridlines. However, it may be easier for some readers to view data on paper with the cell gridlines in place.

If you're in print preview, click Setup. If you're in normal view, on the File menu, click Page Setup. Click the Sheet tab. Under Print, select the Gridlines check box.

Note     It takes more time to print with gridlines turned on. Keep that in mind, if your worksheets are very large, or if you have lots of worksheets to print.

Center data on the page

Excel starts to print data in the upper left corner of the page. If your data doesn't fill a printed page, the off-center position can look odd. If you like, you can center data on the page so that it doesn't look lopsided.

To center your data, click the Margins tab in the Page Setup dialog box. Under Center on page, select the Horizontally and Vertically check boxes. You can see what the result looks like right there in the preview. You can see the actual data in print preview.

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