Print a worksheet to fit a paper width or a number of pages

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By scaling a worksheet in page setup before you print, you can control its width and number of pages.

  1. Click the worksheet.
  2. On the File menu, click Page Setup, and then click the Page tab.
  3. Under Scaling, click Fit to.
  4. Do one of the following:

Print a worksheet to fit a paper width

  1. In the first box beside Fit to, enter 1 (for 1 page wide.
  2. In the second box beside Fit to, delete the value so that the number of pages tall is unspecified.

Print a worksheet on a specified number of pages

  • In the boxes beside Fit to, enter the number of pages on which you want to print the work.


  • Microsoft Excel ignores manual page breaks when you use the Fit to option.
  • When you change the values for Fit to, Excel shrinks the printed image or expands it up to 100 percent, as necessary. To see the how much the image will be adjusted for your new values, click OK, and then click Page Setup on the File menu. The Adjust to box on the Page tab shows the percentage that the printed size will be adjusted.
  • Printed data does not exceed the specified number of pages. Excel does not enlarge the data to fill the pages.
Applies to:
Excel 2003